SportsKZ: Member of the Kazakhstan women’s moguls ski team on the derisive behavior behavior of European athletes

SportsKZ, in a report entitled “Многие смеялись, называя нас страной Бората”. Казахстанская могулистка — о поведении европейских спортсменов” – “Many people laughed, calling us Borat country”. A member of the Kazakhstan women’s moguls ski team on the behavior of European athletes”, quoted Ayaulum Amrenova, a Pyeongchang Winter Olympics participant, as saying: “Some athletes can be abusive with their rivals in a sporting contest or other competition. I don’t let myself go like that. It’s my belief that we need to be friendly and respect everyone.

- How does this abusiveness manifest itself?

- When we were at the competitions in Europe, many athletes had laughed at Kazakhstan, calling it Borat country. I was very angry with these people. They think everything in our country is as it was shown in that movie, despite the fact that it was filmed not in Kazakhstan and not by our directors, and none of the Kazakh actors were involved in it. It was very rude of them. It shows their ignorance”.

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