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Is Kazakhstan ceasing to be an attractive destination for the foreign players?!

As the media reports, FC Aktobe terminated the employment contract with Fabrício Silva Dornellas, a Brazilian international midfielder. The move was initiated by the latter. Looks like Aktobe is ceasing to be an attractive destination for the foreign players, representing the football powerhouse nations and seeking their fortunes across the sea. The same conclusion could be, perhaps, applied to Kazakhstan as a whole.

In that regard, we would recall Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s sarcastic comment shortly after Brazil defeated the United States 3–2 in the final round of the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, claiming their third FIFA Confederations Cup finals victory when he spoke about his nation’s being a country where all the best players have left for Europe. Let us remind what’s at stake and what’s in this for us in Kazakhstan.
AFP, in an article entitled «Lula deplores Europe stealing Brazil’s best players» and published on 3 September 2009, said: «Rules should be put in place to stop European clubs buying Brazil’s best footballers during national championships, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said.
«The stadiums are emptying in Brazil, the games are less interesting, and I am preferring to watch English, Spanish, Italian championships. I’m even watching the Russian and Turkish ones. Soon I’ll be watching Kazakhstan’s», he said.
«Brazil 20 years ago was where the best football in the world was played. Today, the best football in the world is played in Spain, Britain, Italy, France, by players from Brazil, Argentina – Latin-American players».
The then Brazilian leader, a longtime football fan, said he had raised the issue with the national football federation chief, Ricardo Teixeira, and he would talk it over with FIFA president at that time Joseph Blatter later in September, 2009, during the latter’s visit to Brazil.
It was unclear whether such conversation between them had ever taken place. What is known is that they have both faced criminal charges of corruption.
In any case, it is clear that Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva won’t see Fabrício Silva Dornellas from now on, when and if he watches Kazakhstan’s national football championship. Yet, it should be noted that Marcos Pinheiro Pizzelli, another Brazilian-born footballer, still plays for FC Aktobe.
In all fairness, it must be said that many of those foreign football players, who are looking into the possibility of joining one or another club of the Kazakhstan Premier League, consider it their chance to make more money than they’ve ever seen before. Let us give you one example of it.
Guardian, in a report entitled «Korede Aiyegbusi: In Karaganda they only see black people in movies’», said: «Having played in MLS, Finland and Iran, the Englishman has finished a season for Kazakh side Shakhter Karagandy. Aiyegbusi… knows the value of money and the realisation that a year in Kazakhstan would be better for his long-term ambitions. «I’ve played in Finland and Sweden where you get a good salary but it’s on the other end of the spectrum of what someone would expect for a footballer’s wage. I’ve always had a business mind about life after football, so going to Kazakhstan was an opportunity to get a much better salary than in second leagues over here [in England] and in Europe».
So, let us now turn to another issue, an issue of critical importance to Kazakhstan’s football as a whole. The question is as follows: is it good that our football serves as an intermediate springboard for those foreign international football players who didn’t manage to position themselves in the world’s best clubs and venues?
Time.kz, in an article entitled «Вы копите – мы обрящем!» -«You save – we’ll have it!» and published in October 2016, said: «Yerlan Kozhagapanov, president of the Kazakh national football federation, said: «Today, in Kazakhstan, between 30 and 60 per cent of the regional budgets for sports are spent on financial support for the local professional football clubs. Most of the money is used for financing salaries for legionnaires, some incredible agency fees and installation benefits!
Thus, our national professional football has taken more than one billion euro since 2004!
Children’s football (football, i.e. soccer for children) has got little or nothing! Our budget money has even more actively contributed to promoting children’s and youth’s football in the African and Balkan countries».
One cannot but say that further comment is unnecessary.


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