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The secretary of the Japanese embassy in Astana speaks perfect Kazakh

Whereas the US embassy don’t speak the national language of Kazakhstan?!

Nur.kz, in a report entitled «Секретарь посольства Японии изумила знанием казахского языка» – «Japanese embassy secretary made Pavlodar people surprised at how well she was speaking Kazakh», said: «Pavlodar people were surprised at how well Tsunokake Mariko, the third secretary of the Japanese embassy in Kazakhstan, was speaking Kazakh.

«The secretary of the embassy does not know the Russian language, so we have communicated in Kazakh, in which she is fluent. The representative of Japan has an impeccable pronunciation, a great vocabulary», Sholpan Kenzhikova, director of the «Ana tili»(«Mother tongue») regional center, said
Earlier, in an interview with the Kazakhstan National TV channel, Mariko told it had taken her 10 months to learn the Kazakh language, and she noted that Kazakh was similar to Japanese.
«I came to Kazakhstan in 2012. At first I lived in Almaty. Since then, I started to learn the Kazakh language. It was not an easy task. This was because I didn’t know either Russian or Kazakh. Yet after 2-3 months, it became easier for me to learn it. In total, it took me 10 months to master the Kazakh language», she said».
It turns out that mastering the Kazakh language is a feasible task for foreign diplomats in Kazakhstan should they be willing to do so.
The point apparently is that some of them do have such good will, and others do not have it.
Earlier in the year, Abai.kz, in an article entitled «АҚШ ЕЛШІЛІГІ МЕМТІЛДІ БІЛМЕЙ МЕ, ӘЛДЕ МЕНСІНБЕЙ МЕ?» – «The US embassy don’t speak the national language, or do they snub it?», said: «Earlier, in an article entitled «Трамптың жобасы: Қазақстан ба, Қырғызстан ба?..» – «Trump’s project: It is either Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan?..», we wrote that the US president Donald Trump’s team had confused Kazakhstan with Kyrgyzstan. Searching for an answer to that question, we decided to contact the U.S. Embassy to Kazakhstan, located in Astana. But first, however, an English speaking operator took the call, and, then, a Russian speaking Embassy official answered our phone. We refused to speak Russian and kept on talking in English. We had to issue a warning to them. Isn’t service delivery in the state language of another country an indicator of neglect of the Constitution?».

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